Small Penis, Is Penis Enlargement the Answer?

September 6, 2014 by in Articles

small penisMost of men worry about small penis, men always feel dissatisfied and want just that little extra. First off it must be stated that the majority of the male population is in no need of any sort of penis enlargement. So why the great interest in penis enlargement in the first place? The answer: Vanity! Vanity! Vanity! You must be asking “What in hell is he talking about?”.

I am talking about our (yes I am also included here) unwillingness and almost inability to be satisfied with what we have; in this case we seem to always feel that our penises should be bigger than it is right now. In many ways it is not totally our fault. 

In a society where sex seem to be everything and men are particularly concerned about their reputation in bed, it is imperative that this particularly section of the anatomy is always at its best in terms of size and performance.

But is having the ‘baddest’, biggest and longest sch long on the block necessarily the answer to our problem of insecurity? Most of us would say that we do not want the biggest or the ‘badest’ penis but that it would definitely go a long way if what we have presently was just a little bigger and longer. That’s why I mentioned vanity; for most of us who worry about small penis no matter how much gains we make, we always feel dissatisfied and want just that little extra.

Answer for Small Penis?

So, is penis enlargement the answer for small penis? Penis enlargement would increase penis size but would we be satisfied with 7 inches or perhaps 9 inches in length? Would 6 inches or 7 inches suffice in girth? What is the magic dimension that we looking at here?

The truth of the matter is that some individuals (very few at that) are satisfied with their small penis, 4 1/2 inches while others with 9 inches feel less than adequate. It is the paradox of the age but the good news is that whether you satisfied or not with your small penis there is always room for improvement.

Before our huge egos rear their ugly heads and our insatiable desire to be ‘the man’ kicks in, we should first consider where we are right this very moment. You see, having a penis that is twice the size of what you have at the moment will not necessarily change anything much except make that ego of yours a bit more obvious.

Don’t get me wrong, having a larger penis has its benefits but perhaps more importantly is how much satisfaction can you dish out to your mate. That my friend is the bottom line; you may find that soon after learning to do so in the most effective and pleasurable manner that your yearning for a bigger ‘member’ might very well subside.